Kawartha Lakes Real Estate: Questions and concerns about conduct

If you have a general question or concern about the conduct of a registrant, you may contact the Office of the Registrar. Your privacy will be respected and you will not be pressed to provide any information you do not wish to share. However, if your concern appears to be a serious one, the Office of the Registrar may encourage you to provide the name of the registrant in order to take appropriate action.

If you wish to submit a complaint about a brokerage, broker or salesperson, the Office of the Registrar will explain how to submit your complaint and what supporting information should be included.

Frequently asked questions & concerns:

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

It is important for all parties to cooperate with RECO in order to properly address a complaint. If you wish to remain anonymous, the complaint will be reviewed and further action will be taken only if the alleged misconduct is serious enough to warrant it and the information that has been received is sufficient to allow RECO to proceed.

I want out of my contract/agreement. Can RECO help me?

RECO does not have jurisdiction over contractual matters and cannot insist that a consumer be released from a legal contract or that the contract be cancelled. As a first step, you should discuss your concerns with the broker or salesperson and ask if they are willing to agree to cancel the contract. If agreement can’t be reached, contact the Broker of Record. If cancellation isn’t an option, the Broker of Record may be willing to assign another broker or salesperson to assist you in buying or selling a home. If there are concerns related to conduct, in addition to contractual issues, you may wish to file a complaint.

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I’ve decided not to sell my home. Can I cancel the contract if I want to take my home “off the market”?

If you have decided not to sell your home, and the broker or salesperson does not agree to a cancellation, you should request a “suspension” of the listing contract. This means that the property will not be shown and the listing will show as suspended. The contract remains in effect and you continue to be bound by the contract until it expires. If you decide to sell your home within the effective period of the suspended contract, you will be bound by the original terms with the same company until it expires.

*For the purpose of this document, a salesperson refers to both registered salespersons and registered brokers.

This publication contains general information only, produced by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO)(RECO.CA) and should not be construed as legal or professional advice. For legal or professional advice specific to your real estate transaction or situation, you should seek the services of a professional.

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Not Intended to Solicit Buyers or Sellers Currently Under Contract.


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