Sivan Tumarkin

Waterfront Second Home Buyer

May 1, 2014

Dear Brad,

Happy 2nd Home Buyer - enjoying morning espresso at "Cottage"

Today, as we take up possession of our family cottage, I want to thank you for all of your hard work, diligence and guidance.

On the morning of Sunday, January 19, 2014, I googled real estate agents in the Kawarthas and contacted several by email. You responded within minutes and after a quick chat on the phone, I was very impressed with your positive attitude and approach to finding us the cottage we dreamed of for years.

You grew up and live in the Kawarthas so it’s no wonder that you know so much about their lakes, communities and side streets. You showed us many properties and gave us your honest assessment of the pros and cons of each. You didn’t hesitate to steer us away from some when problems became apparent, which showed me that you possess a very strong moral and ethical compass, clearly putting our interests first.

Eventually we moved our search to the Simcoe area and after seeing several properties, you found us our dream cottage (or as my wife refers to it, the “Lake House”). You were involved with every aspect of the negotiations leading to our purchase of this beautiful property.

I am a lawyer and my wife is a chartered accountant. We run a law firm in Toronto and deal with people on a daily basis. The professionalism you displayed is both impressive and rare. You are very responsive by all means of communications (phone, email, text) and you are very honest in your dealings. You are patient and you are knowledgeable. In sum, you are someone I would highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase a property up north (Kawarthas, Muskokas, etc.).

Please do not hesitate to put me down as a reference for anyone shopping around for agents in your geographical areas of expertise.

I should mention that I offered to write this letter for you. You did not ask for it.

Thank you again, on behalf of my entire family, for all your hard work and professionalism. As soon as we get everything set up at the Lake House, we would love to have you over for BBQ and a drink!

For anyone who would like to contact me with regards to a reference, I can be reached at:

Sivan Tumarkin

Direct: 416-216-5910


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