Alison and Jeff

Bobcaygeon Home Buyer

Dear Brad,

Please accept this short note of thanks with respect to our recent property purchase. Little did we know how fortunate we were that our paths crossed yours as we searched for this property, and what a huge role you were about to play in this process!

We cannot thank you enough for turning what could have easily been a complete disaster into a manageable, tenable experience. Your calm demeanour and patient, understanding approach on the day that our property closed was a great example to all of how a professional Realtor handles the unexpected!

Frankly, without your taking control of the situation and ensuring that the vendor had met all of his legal obligations, at the eleventh hour, this ‘deal’ would not have happened. As if that was not enough, you somehow managed to pull together the troops the day that the property closed, to assist us in what was to become a huge cleanup as a direct result of the unbelievable mess left behind by the vendor on the evening that we received the keys.

In this day and age, where it seems that so few individuals even take an interest in their work, you went far above and way beyond for us. It’s been a real pleasure doing business with you Brad and a treat getting to know you.

Thanks again for all that you have done for us!

Best Regards,

Alison and Jeff Rogers


In Town. In Touch. Intelligent.

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